Café Menu

Café Menu

Vanilla Pancake - Rs.300/-   

Served with strawberry, banana, maple syrup and whipped cream

Cinnamon Pancake - Rs.325/-   

Served with banana, strawberry, maple syrup and whipped cream

Belgian Chocolate chip Pancake - Rs.375/-   

Served with banana, strawberry, maple syrup and whipped cream

Waffles - Rs.325/-   

Served with banana, strawberry, maple syrup and whipped cream

French Toast - Rs.300/-   

Served with banana, strawberry, maple syrup and whipped cream

Eggs To order - Rs.150/-   

Choice of omlette, fried, scrambled, boiled or sunny side up

Eggs Florentine - Rs.250/-   

Soft boiled eggs on a bed of spinach, served gratinated with mornay

Eggs Benedict - Rs.300/-   

Poached eggs served on english muffin with bacon and hollandaise sauce

The All American Breakfast - Rs.400/-   

Bacon or ham, sausage, baked beans, choice of eggs and toast

Croissant and Muffin - Rs.250/-   

Served with seasonal jam, honey and butter

Vegetarian Sandwich - Rs.150/-   

Pesto and roasted vegetable sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Rs.170/-   

Coloured peppers and cheese sandwich with roasted tomato soup

Chicken Sandwich - Rs.190/-   

Cajun spiced chicken sandwich with pickled cucumbers, tomato and lettuce

Blt Sanwich - Rs.225/-   

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and fried eggs with mayo

Vegetarian Burger - Rs.160/-   

Broccoli and cottage cheese patty with tomatoes, coleslaw and lettuce

Grilled Chicken Burger - Rs.250/-   

Grilled chicken patty with lettuce, tomato, coleslaw and pickled cucumbers

Ham Burger - Rs.290/-   

Beef burger with caramelised onions, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce

Mushroom and Spinach Crépes - Rs.250/-   

Baked dish of stuffed crépes with tomato concassé and béchamel

Corn and Spinach Crépes - Rs.290/-   

Baked dish of stuffed crépes with roasted red pepper sauce and béchamel

* Taxes as applicable


Margarita Pizza - Rs.260/-   

Italian styled margarita with mozzerella and basil on tomato concassé

Roasted Vegetable Pizza - Rs.325/-   

Assorted vegetables with olives and feta on tomato concassé

Five Pepper Pizza - Rs.325/-   

Assorted bell peppers, paprika and jalapeno on tomato concassé

Make Your Own Pizza - Rs.325/-   

Maximum of 3 vegetarian toppings ofyour choice

Truffle and Mushroom Pizza - Rs.350/-   

Mushroom, onions and rosemary on béchamel with white truffle oil

Pesto and Chicken Pizza - Rs.380/-   

Grilled chicken, zucchini, onions and goat's cheese on creamy pesto

Pepperoni Pizza - Rs.490/-   

Pepperoni and mozzerella on tomato concassé

Ham and Cheese Pizza - Rs.490/-   

Chicken ham and cheese pizza with shaved parmesan and garden greenso

* Taxes as applicable

Cafe Extras

Cheese - Rs.40/-  

Vegetarian Topping - Rs.30/-   

Chicken Topping - Rs.50/-  

Bacon - Rs.60/-   

Ham - Rs.60/-   

Pepperoni - Rs.150/-   

Sausage - Rs.100/-   

2 Slices of Toast - Rs.40/-   

* Taxes as applicable