Non Alcoholic Red Wine - Rs.535 /Rs.2500

Non Alcoholic White Wine - Rs.595 /Rs.2800

Non Alcoholic Beer - Rs.275

Still water - Rs.20/-

Fresh Lime Soda - Rs.135/-

Cappucino - Rs.98/-

Latte Macchiato - Rs.110/-

Espresso Single Shot - Rs.86/-

Hot Chocolate - Rs.160/-

Black Coffee - Rs.70/-

Warm milk - Rs.60/-

Twinings Green Tea and Mint - Rs.80/-

Twinings Jasmine Green Tea - Rs.80/-

Twinings Darjeeling Tea - Rs.80/-

Twinings Assam Tea - Rs.80/-

Twinings English Breakfast Tea - Rs.80/-

Twinings Lemon Flavoured Tea - Rs.80/-

Twinings Earl Grey Tea - Rs.80/-

* Taxes as applicable


Eiffel Tower - Rs.220/-

Green apple and cucumber juice with assorted melon balls

La Rouge - Rs.195/-

Rose and watermelon spritzer

Napoleon's Elixir - Rs.195/-

Chilli, cranberry and orange cooler

French Kiss - Rs.220/-

Muddled raspberries and passion fruit spritzer

French Riveria - Rs.195/-

Tender coconut and litchi cooler with blue caracao

French Alps - Rs.195/-

Kiwi, ginger and mint granita

Pink Panther - Rs.195/-

Naturally pink coloured lime soda

Virgin Sangria - Rs.220/-

Non-alcoholic version of the classic fruit cocktail

Virgin Pina Colada - Rs.220/-

Sugar-free & non-alcoholic version ofthe pineapple coconut cocktail

Fruit Punch - Rs.220/-

Fruity summer spritzer with orange and pineapple

Virgin Mojito - Rs.190/-

Fresh lime and mint muddled with brown sugar and topped with soda

Strawberry Mojito - Rs.220/-

Muddled strawberries, lime and mint topped with soda

Ferroro Rocher Milkshake - Rs.275/-

Blend of hazelnut, chocolate and Feroro rocher

Strawberry Banana Milkshake - Rs.275/-

Blend of fresh strawberries and banana

* Taxes as applicable